Events and festivals around the Weissensee Nature Park


Some of the top events in summer at Lake Weissensee:

  •     Aufwart'n am Weissensee - the culinary kick-off of the summer in May
  •     Int. fishing for the "Golden Trout" from Weissensee end of May
  •     Weissensee Cocktail Days in June
  •     Weissensee Triathlon in July
  •     Arts and Crafts Market end of July
  •     Weissensee Classic Festival in August
  •     Landscape of Knowledge September or October
  •     Pike and perch fish September

Nature Park Festival

Lake Weissensee invites to the Nature Park Festival every year. The programme boasts many different highlights including musical entertainment, horse-drawn carriage rides and Nature Park Quiz.

Autumn events at Lake Weissensee

A colourful autumn programme with many guided hiking tours around Lake Weissensee and regional delicacies can be enjoyed every year in September.

Weissensee Classic

The Classic Festival directly at Lake Weissensee

MTB season opening

The mountain bike season opening with many bike specials is staged every year in early summer.

Fishing for the Golden Trout

The Golden Trout fishing competition is staged at Lake Weissensee every year.

Spring concert of the Weissensee Traditional Band

The traditional spring concert is staged at the Weissensee House every year in April.

More event and festival tips can be found on the website.