Host family of passion in the Regitnig Hotel & Chalets
Host family of passion in the Regitnig Hotel & Chalets
Host family of passion in the Regitnig Hotel & Chalets
Your hosts with heart and soul

Hosts with a heart

"Where does the name Regitnig come from?", a question we are asked often.

Well, the name is where it all started: our great-great-grandparents Johann & Theresia Regitnig, built the Villa Regitnig on their inherited field in Techendorf in1911.

Fast forward 4 generations and that villa is now the 4* Hotel. The hotel facilities have been expanded several times over the years. But one thing remains the same: we still absolutely enjoy pampering our guests at the Regitnig at Lake Weissensee and to laugh and chat with them.
Time together is very important to us as a family: there is plenty of laughter, talking and rarely any debates when we sit together at lunch - because everyone of us manages their favourite area with all their heart:

  • Irmgard is there for our guests from morning until evening and she is also the “boss“ of more than 1000 busy bees producing the hotel's tasty honey. Enjoy Irmgard's Culinary Highlights, for example, on Regitnig Herb Thursday.
  • Hans-Peter, our outdoorsman, looks after the floral splendour and greenery of the holiday resort and is looking forward to give good advices for hiking-adventures.
  • Sport & Culinary Delights is the perfect combination for Michael: drinking a craft beer after a bike tour with the guests is a must for him.
  • Jasmin is our the romantic. A special occasion or just surprising your loved one with Time for Two? She will always find something special for you.
  • Michael's & Jasmin's son, David, is our sunshine and likes nothing more than sitting on the tractor or lawnmower and to enjoy the holiday resort.
  • Since spring 2018 David is also the proud, big brother of Marie, who is the 1st Regitnig girl - called "Dirndl" since one generation.
  • Markus studies in Salzburg and is our jolly joker at the À la carte restaurant and the Bar when back home for his holidays.
  • Thomas impatiently waits for the snow every winter, so he can finally use the snow shovel again start his snow blower. In summer, he is often out and about in the woods hunting at Lake Weissensee in Carinthia and he supplies us with fresh Weissensee game. Yummy!