Host family of passion in the Regitnig Hotel & Chalets
Host family of passion in the Regitnig Hotel & Chalets
Your hosts with heart and soul

Hosts with a heart

"Where does the name Regitnig come from?", we are often asked.

Yes, it all started with this name: In 1911, our great-great-grandparents Johann & Theresia Regitnig built the Villa Regitnig on the inherited field in Techendorf in Carinthia. 4 generations later, the villa is now the 4* hotel and the hotel complex has been expanded many times over. But one thing has remained the same: We still enjoy spoiling our guests at the Regitnig Hotel & Chalets at Lake Weissensee in Carinthia, laughing and talking with them.

As a family, spending time together is very important to us: at the lunch table we laugh a lot, talk and rarely discuss - because each of us runs his or her favourite area with a lot of heart:

  •     Irmgard's (née Regitnig) passion is the flowers & herbs that bloom so beautifully in our hotel grounds, especially in summer, and delight our guests. As a former beekeeper, it was a great concern for her to make the garden "bee-friendly" during the redesign. This means that the first flowers bloom in spring as soon as the snow is gone and the last flowers go into hibernation with the new snow in November. This makes the Regitnig garden the 1st bee-friendly hotel garden in Carinthia.
  •     Hans Peter is responsible for our second business, the VIS A VIS "Pizzeria and Restaurant" in Techendorf South (near Weissensee-Haus) and is always pleased when Regitnig guests visit him. Our tip: Be sure to try the pizza from our Italian pizzaiolo Nico!

The next Regitnig generation:

  •     Sport & cuisine is the perfect combination for Michael: After the bike tour with the guests, a glass of craft beer is simply part of the experience for him.
  •     As a trained sauna master, he always likes to surprise our sauna friends with special infusions in the SEE sauna.
  •     Michael's wife Jasmin is our romantic - a special occasion, or just surprise your sweetheart with an experience for two? She always comes up with something special.
  •     Jasmin is also responsible for the reception and marketing.
  •     David, son of Michael & Jasmin, a true sunshine and loves nothing more than entertaining our guests.
  •     Since spring 2018, David is also the proud big brother of Marie, who is now the 1st Regitnig Dirndl in the house again for a generation and has the same temperament as the Regitnig ladies.
  •     Currently, the young family is happy about another addition to the family: Sophie!
    Jasmin will therefore be taking a step back in 2021. Irmgard and Nicole will continue to take care of the weddings in the best possible way and with a lot of love.

  •      Michael's brothers Markus and Thomas are both studying and gaining professional experience at home and abroad.
        Whenever there is a "fire" they are our valuable jolly-jokers in the à-la-carte restaurant or at the bar.
        In summer, Thomas is a hunter who spends a lot of time in the forest at Lake Weissensee in Carinthia and also supplies the Regitnig chefs with fresh Weissensee game, which they use to conjure up many tasty dishes. Simply delicious!