Host family of passion in the Regitnig Hotel & Chalets
Host family of passion in the Regitnig Hotel & Chalets
Your hosts with heart and soul

Hosts with a heart

"Where does the name Regitnig come from?", we are often asked.

It all started with this name: In 1911, our great-great-grandparents Johann & Theresia Regitnig laid the foundation stone for the Regitnig with the "Villa Therese" on the meadow in Techendorf. Four generations later, the villa has become the 4* hotel and the hotel complex - expanded many times over. But one thing has remained the same: We still take incredible pleasure in pampering our guests at the Regitnig Hotel & Chalets at Lake Weissensee in Carinthia, chatting and laughing with them.

The Regitnig is a family business - that's why one of us is actually always to be found in the house or in the complex.

When we sit together, we like to enjoy good food and nice conversations. Yes, we don't need much to be happy, because we live in a beautiful place and do what we love to do: being your hosts!