Feel-Good Treatments
Feel-Good Treatments

Feel-good treatments - Beauty

Rejuvenate your soul:
Deep cleansing, skilled strokes with the brush – this is the secret of healthy skin. Reinhild, our beautician, pampers you with high-quality products by Channoine and Sixtus.


Hands & feet

Feet are one of the most sensible zones of our body – hands are our everyday tools. Caring for them increases our well-being! This is why the Regitnig only uses the best GEHWOL products for hands and feet.

Decorated with the latest CHANEL nail varnishes of the season, your hands will be an eye-catcher!


Manicure and pedicure

Manicure express € 23

approx. 20 minutes

including varnish € 25


Manicure deluxe € 32

approx. 45 minutes

with varnish € 34


Pedicure express € 32

approx. 30 minutes

with varnish € 34


Medical pedicure € 40

approx. 50 minutes

with varnish € 42