Massages and shiatsu at Regitnig Hotel & Chalets


Massages help to relieve tensions and induce a pleasant feeling of well-being in your body. The qualified massage therapist at the Regitnig, Josef , only uses high-quality oils  with a blend of herbs from our region!

Classic massages

Classic massages improve tissue perfusion, detox the body and relieve tense muscles.

Partial massage, 25 minutes € 36,-

Back-arm massage, € 46,-

35 minutes

Full body massage, 50 minutes € 68,-


Applying foot reflexology activates the self-healing powers of the body and corrects dysfunctions of the organs.

25 minutes € 39,-

Massage with essential oil

The whole body is gently massaged with essential oils , relaxing body, mind and soul.

50 minutes € 70,-

Lymph drainage according to Dr Vodder

This is a very gentle massage technique for stimulating the lymphatic circulation. It detoxes, decongests and drains the tissue.

25 minutes € 39,-

50 minutes € 68,-

Combination offer:

Partial massage & foot reflexology

50 minutes € 68,-

For our teens

My first massage, 20 minutes € 32,-